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Static Caravan Holiday Rentals

Inquiring about the acquisition of multiple static caravans.

We are planning to invest in a substantial number of static caravans for our site. These caravans will be equipped with solar panels, enabling them to operate off-grid and achieve energy independence.

Offer on-site rental services.

We provide long-term and short-term rental options for all static caravans, including holiday bookings and stays.

Construct the public restrooms, bars, and food stalls.

Construct an on-site public restroom facility, bar, and food kiosk to cater to our guests and visitors.

Festival ground

As previously discussed, this initiative will commence upon the fulfillment of the necessary financial and budgetary criteria.


As previously stated, this may occur if adequate space and financial resources are available.

I am interested in acquiring land for the purpose of installing and renting out static caravans on holiday grounds. Additionally, I am considering expanding the holiday park to include a festival ground capable of hosting various bands and events. However, this endeavor would require a substantial investment of time, money, and space. I am hopeful that my radio station will generate revenue to support this project, but its realization is still in the future.

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